Meeshelle 'Meesh' Neal is a Canadian filmmaker best known for writing, producing, and acting in 'Therapy,' and 'Mental,' as well as directing 'Check,' and 'Ladies Don't Wear Slacks.' She adapted 'Mental' to the screen from a one-woman stage play. The short received BravoFACT funding, various awards, and national / international acclaim. Meeshelle has attended workshops such as the: STORYHIVE 'Career Accelerator Program,' Women In the Director's Chair (WIDC) 'Career Advancement Module,' and the WIDC immersive 'Story and Leadership' program.


Through the WIDC she developed her magical realism feature film, 'Sweet Release,' which has been put forward for the TELEFILM ‘Talent to Watch’ program. She also shot a short film version of ‘Sweet Release,’ which is as a stand alone piece that simultaneously introduces the audience to the larger world of the feature.


She served a full term on the board for Women in Film & Television Vancouver and is mentored by Gary Harvey.

Writer | Director



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Taylor Hastings is a Vancouver-based actor and producer. Her short films have appeared in multiple festivals throughout North America, including as a Finalist in competition (The Ride Home, Austin Film Festival) and have garnered awards such as "Best Short Film" (CHECK, Covellite Film Festival). When Taylor is not busy producing, she is appearing in front of the camera and can be seen on shows such as Supergirl, The Good Doctor, iZombie, and a collection of Hallmark Christmas movies. Her work in the The Ride Home earned her nominations for a Leo Award and a UBCP award.

Carra | Producer


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